Monday, December 13, 2010

3D Wallpapers

The Best Top Desktop 3D Wallpapers, Beautiful 3D Wallpapers in all kind of resolutions and sizes. For your PC, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Mac 7. High Resolution 3D Photos, widescreen, 4:3, 16:9 and HD wallpapers.

Puking 3D figure desktop wallpaper blue

Butterfly flying out of a 3D book green

Gray 3D robot desktop wallpaper

Blue desktop wallpaper with giraffe with long legs with striped socks

3D wallpaper of a robot pointing with fingers on this white wallpaper

Music and nature 3D gray 

One big green tree left 3D wallpaper

A pig on the toilet in bathroom

3D Blue sky green grass photos and a butterfly

A cow is playing the harp - 3D desktop hd wallpapers

3D robot desktop wallpaper gray blue

Blue smileys and one yellow happy smiley 

A house on the prairy - 3D wallpaper green blue

3D dumsters with eyes desktop hd wallpaper

A big giant 3D dragon on this desktop fantasy wallpaper

Pink 3D wallpaper with a doll saying I'm having a baby

A dinosaur and a blue white toothbrush

3D nature desktop hd wallpaper

3D sea in a box livingroom desktop wallpaper

3D turtle  with blue hat in the rain 

Beautiful 3D house  and big pond wallpaper

3D desktop wallpapers garden gray

3D wallpapers green with butterflies and more

What a wonderfull world 3D 

3D sea wallpaper - Deep blue waves

3D wallpaper with blue balloon and hippo in the sky

3D fantasy desktop wallpaper with modern cinderella and prince on stairs

Windmill on an island in the sky

Two mice and a piece of cheese

Listening to 3D music on this white desktop wallpaper

A 3D piano stairs to the sky

3D world desktop wallpaper with a dragon

Mp3 3D character on a white background

3D shark attack wallpaper blue sea

Painting a 3D earth desktop wallpaper

Little 3D micro world wallpaper

A sexy 3D lady playing with magic 

Like a rainbow in 3D wallpaper blue

3D world desktop wallpaper gray

Blue 3D photo with a guitar in the sky

Black desktop 3D wallpaper nature

White desktop picture with a toilet and blue seat

White desktop wallpaper with red archery and three arrows

Four green cubes with ciphers

White desktop wallpaper with a goalkeeper trying to catch a ball in his goal

White desktop wallpaper with WWW in blue and mail and a laptop
A green frog holding a  big red heart

White desktop wallpaper with a frog

A doll with a hammer and a silver toilet

Yellow Pikachu on a white background

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